Tips for buying wedding dress onlineShopping for wedding dresses is a big issue, but with an increasing variety of online shopping options it has become much easier. You can shop from your home and get a huge choice of the perfect wedding dress. To help you with the selection of your wedding dress here are a few tips that can come in handy during your purchase.

which body shape are youThe choice of your wedding dress greatly depends on your body shape so choosing the appropriate dress according to your body shape is the best option available. Body shape depends on the proportion of your bust, waist and hip in relation to each other. one of the most helpful ways of finding the right fit is knowing the basic dress silhouettes and how they flatter your body type.

If you are one of the people who has been using Internet marketing lately, you’ve surely heard of different marketing methods like email list building, article writing, video marketing, and a slew of other marketing strategies that claim they are the best you can use to make your business successful. Truthfully, whether or not they will work remains to be seen, but if your business is not utilizing the power of niche marketing along with these other techniques, you are doing yourself a great disservice. If you really want to boost the sales of your selected product, you have to find a targeted market. The vast majority of customers will purchase from specialized boutiques and experts who understand exactly what they want. For example, if my business specialized in selling Scrabble boards, I would focus my efforts toward people who are not only interested in games, but specifically scrabble. Now if you are trying to sell the Scrabble – Harry Potter Edition, not only are you going to be targeting Scrabble players, you’ll be targeting Harry Potter fans as well. This is a very simplified version of niche marketing, but it does work. There are some mistakes you need to look out for and avoid when you get into niche marketing online.

Say you are just beginning to figure out marketing methods to use online, there’s no doubt it can be overwhelming and confusing as to which niche you should market to. There are thousands of products and/or services to select from, making it difficult to avoid information overload. There are many reliable ways to choose a niche and then go for a product that converts. The trick is to avoid an information overload and just look for the important things. You have to understand that becoming successful with any marketing venture is all about focusing on the numbers; yes, it’s a numbers game. Ultimately, it is a game that focuses on discovering a niche that works and yields fair profit margins. It takes extensive testing through multiple niches before you find a successful one. It may be that you need to experiment with up to 50 niches in order to find 3-5 that prove lucrative. Niche marketing is nothing but learning, doing and learning. Start the process from the beginning and learn as you go.

Additionally, another common mistake, that while not necessarily falling under the scope of niche marketing, is still dangerous is mis-monetizing your website. Some people will make the mistake of monetizing their site the correct way, even though they’ve found a niche that is profitable for them and begin to get traffic. What happens to such folks? They either suffer losses or breakeven, which isn’t a good thing given that they had a good niche. This is the reason it’s always a good idea to have a mix monetization methods ready at hand to use on your websites and find out the earning potential. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, just as long as you learn from them. But there are a few mistakes, like the one that we discussed above, that can be avoided since they are common. Realistically, it only requires a small amount of time and research to avoid them and make your business successful.

wedding venue toastYou will only save money if your guests are paying for their own hard liquor drinks. If you are providing a full bar, you can still save by requesting less expensive brands be served except for martinis or on-the-rocks drinks, your guests will become particular here.

Instruct your servers explicitly as to what you want. Tell them to always insure that people are done with their drinks or long gone before collecting half-full glassware. You can end up spending a bundle on unnecessary refills. But avoid closing the bar early to save money, this is considered tacky. If your main concern is people driving intoxicated, simply switch to a coffee bar or juice bar for the last hour.


Now you’ve got the alcohol, let’s drink to the bride and groom!

This first toast is to the Bride & Groom and will normally be proposed by the father of the bride or an old friend of the family. The brides father will say a few words about his daughter; possibly sharing a short story with the guests. He may also pay tribute to his new son. At the end of his speech, he asks all the guests to raise their glasses, and proposes a toast to the bride and groom.

The second toast is proposed by the groom who will thank both sets of parents, in particular the bride’s parents for their beautiful daughter, after thanking the bride’s father and making his speech. He also thanks the best man for his help and support; and all the guests for attending. At the end of the speech, he proposes a toast to the bridesmaids and their health. You may also want to toast some of the evening outfits worn by the ladies.

The third toast is proposed by the best man who will respond on behalf of the bridesmaids and conclude by proposing the health of the parents of the bride and groom, saying a few words about the groom and paying a compliment to the bride.

At the end of the speech, he may read any messages from guests who were unable to attend. Any toasts after that are welcome and voluntary. Make sure your photographer knows the game with his camera.

It is best to choose a location, DJ or band who can provide you with a “toasting microphone” that may be passed around so that everyone may be heard.

Some people are shy or timid when it comes to public speaking so you may give them some of the following tips.

  •  Keep it brief: no body likes a rambling story
  •  Speak loudly and clearly enough for everyone to hear: if you have a “toasting microphone” you won’t need to worry about this
  •  Avoid harsh language, raunchy jokes, stories about exes, or any marital troubles you’ve seen or foresee: you may think it’s cute but a wedding is a formal affair and this conversation is inappropriate

If your loving family is still unsure where to start, offer them the following ideas:

  •     Say a few kind words on why the couple is so great together
  •     Talk about how you are looking forward to friendships with both bride and groom
  •     talk about how you know the couple
  •     use a famous quote or poem known or very relevant to the couple
  •     tell why the couple is a special part of your life
  •     share a few anecdotes about your experiences with the bride or groom: funny situations, travel experiences or “escapades”
  •     tell guests how the bride and groom met, especially if you were involved with their meeting

Practice Makes Perfect

Once they’ve written their toast, have them practice it so they are comfortable saying it to themselves. Memorizing it is optimal but note cards are acceptable. You may even tell them to write it down for a keepsake in your scrapbook.

Wedding ToastsFrom Giving the Perfect Toast to Choosing the Beverages of Choice...

Liquor Basics

Here are all the basics you’ll need to know if your reception has alcohol served…

You will have a variety of guests there from those that “don’t touch the stuff” to those whose main objective at weddings is use up all the free alcohol they can. You’ll want to be clear when making your alcohol choices for the reception who you’re going to cater to more and, most importantly, what you and your family wants to spend.

Consider first, how many drinks will fit into your event and the factors involved. For example if your wedding is in a different location than the reception, no drinking will occur until at least the reception begins. Up until then, you may want to lay on some good coffee with a top of the line espresso machine such as these.

If you are in the same location, consider that your guests may begin celebrating as soon as they get through the receiving line. Also consider the number of guests you will have attending and have approximately one alcohol server per 50 guests, adjusted accordingly to a family who drinks more or less.

A good estimation is count two drinks per guest for the first hour and one per guest each additional hour. You’ll have some drinking more and some less, but it evens out throughout the night.

You can serve your guests with separate bars or all servers working behind the same counter, just ensure they have enough room to serve your guests effectively. Another option to consider to start the night out slowly is before the bar(s) are ever opened, have the servers just circling the room with trays of champagne, sparkling wines, and/or sparkling waters.

If you have 200 people, logistically one server should be constantly filling glasses and the other three should be making there way around the room in three distinct zones to cover all areas, returning only to get re-stocked with full glasses.

Again, look at your budget carefully when choosing your service. If you choose “By The Bottle” service you are still paying for every bottle opened, even if none of it was poured. For open bars, know as “By Consumption”, the bartender keeps track of orders and charges by drink.

The host pays the tab at the end of the reception (typically $5 to $10 per drink). One unique method appropriate for heavier drinkers is the “Flat-Fee Per Person” which is one set per-person bar fee that doesn’t depend on how many your guest consumes (usually $20 to $30 per guest).

Or you may choose to offer a “Standard Drink Menu” which is often the most affordable and the most universal. It will provide you with one “house” brand of vodka, scotch, gin, whiskey, bourbon, rum and tequila as well at the domestic beers, wine, soft drinks and mixers.

At lengthier receptions, more toasts and a more extensive menu adds to your costs. Consider having one wine with your meal rather than one for each course.This can often significantly reduce costs.

Also consider your region. If there is a specialty drink for the area, you may want to make that available. Or if you as a couple have “your drink” like a signature drink, it is fun to have that be around for people to really get in your personal celebration. You could do this as a particular song plays by the band on the digital piano for a real knees up celebration.

Think also if you’re willing to pay for hard liquor or not and work this out with the bar specifically.

Occasionally you will come across a “sneaky” bar service that provides a beer-and-wine-only-bar (free to guests and paid for by the wedding party) but offer hard alcohol at a price and charge you at the end, rather than charging guests as they order.

Best Perfume GiftsPerfume gifts are a unique way to let someone know they cared about. Choosing the best perfume to give can be tricky but if a person knows some tips about perfume they can easily choose a great perfume that suit’s the person best. Perfumes come in a variety of scents and weeding through them can be confusing. A little background information into the basic perfume scents can really help make the choice easier.

Women wear perfume that reflects their personality. There are five major groups perfumes fall into. These five groups can be fit to any personality type and help a person choosing perfume figure out which is best for the person they are buying for. The following outlines each group:


Perhaps the best known of all scents, floral perfumes exhibit the smells of some of the best loved flowers. They are very popular as they usually smell great on anyone. The type of flower can be suited to the individual. Floral scents also work great for any age group. They exert a feeling of femininity and beauty. The scent should be simple and not too strong. Floral perfumes are a great buy for any occasion and a safe choice for the unsure buyer.


These scents have a hint of spice mixed with traditional fruit smells. They are often fine when a little strong. They evoke the feeling of youth and fun. These scents are also very flirty and speak to the friendly personality. They work for any month of the year. Women who like classic scents but are looking for something a little different usually like fruity scents. Fruity perfumes work great for younger women who like to have fun.


Woody scents are very earthy. They give off a warm, comfort feeling. They are often scents from natural things, like cedar and sandalwood. They work great for older women. They evoke a feeling of maturity and suit a grounded personality. They also are quite sophisticated and elegant. They work best for cooler weather. Woody perfumes should go great for a professional women.


Green scents are very much about the outdoors. Perhaps your wife enjoys the smell of cut grass after mowing the lawn. They feature forest scents and evoke a feeling of just being in the great outdoors. Green perfumes are best when light and can be casual or sophisticated. They work great for women who love sports such as archery, as they give off a contemporary scent. Green perfumes work for younger people who love nature.


These are very strong fragrances. They are very sensual in the feeling they evoke. Oriental scents are blended from the other groups. They take sharp scents from different groups and mix them to create a very formal feel. These perfumes work great for business wear and are best suited to a confident women.

These five groups represent the basics of perfume scents. Many perfumes combine these groups or are a variant of these groups. Choosing a great perfume is a matter of understanding the person who will wear it and understanding the elements of perfume scents. Perfume gifts can be wonderful when chosen carefully.

Wedding Gifts In the 21st CenturyIt’s a 21st-century wedding gift in a can. It’s a fun introduction to one of the greatest scientific discovery of our age. It’s also a revealing glimpse into our own uniqueness here on this earth of billions of people.

Have you ever hear of it before? It’s true. Some of 21st-century wedding gifts out there really take the cake, if you know what I mean.

Here it is in all it’s craziness:

  • Taking a DNA sample of yourself and presenting it as a wedding present in a little tin at your next wedding. Now that’s pretty strange. Do you think you’ll be invited to your next wedding?
  • However, taking your own DNA sample sounds a little scary to me. They do say it’s easy and that it has no pain associated with it. They even say it is less painful than brushing your teeth.
  • Your DNA does not even need to be sent away to a lab. Companies that sell this idea have each customer just follow their simple instructions on how to obtain their DNA.
  • They even give information on how to store it in a safe place for the future use.
  • Your DNA tin also contains a kit that allows you to send for a snapshot profile of your DNA. Now you’re talkin’…this is great. The snapshot of your DNA gives everyone a glimpse of your DNA code without revealing any of the scary stuff.

Now that would make interesting wedding reception conversation don’t you think?

There are so many unique wedding gifts out there today and you can start right now by searching the World Wide Web. I’m sure you can come up with many cool gifts for any wedding couple.

Check out almost any ideas associated with wedding gifts as you move through this site and various search engines on the Internet.

Shopping Online For Wedding Gifts

By now, either you or someone you know has searched the web for wedding gifts and found it to be one of the best ways to find exactly what you need.

Gift giving, whether to the wedding couple, bridal party attendants or to your guests, plays an important role in today’s weddings.

If you’re the wedding guest, trying to find the “perfect” wedding gift can become a long, major hunt. With today’s couples often living together before tying the knot, they’ve already accumulated a lot of items in their home. If they are close friends perhaps it’s a good idea to go with something more expensive such as a new piece of exercise equipment assuming they’ll use it!

Not only can you find great gift ideas, you can also purchase gift wrap, personalized cards, and even ship the gift to the recipient if necessary.

Regardless of whether you can actually attend the wedding or not, it is still proper etiquette to send some sort of wedding gift as a gesture of congratulations on their wedding.

Wedding guests are not the only ones having to buy a wedding present. Brides and grooms usually present a thank-you gift to each of their bridal attendant’s as well.

Some nice ideas are: a personalized picture frame, a small piece of jewelry, bath oils, personalized mugs, gift baskets, key chains or perhaps a personal poem that’s been framed.

As the wedding couple, you should also present each guest with a small token of appreciation, often in the form of a wedding favor.

Gift giving does not need to be expensive. As the above ideas show, you can still find very nice and personal gifts even on a budget.

Many wedding couples and guests often create homemade gifts which is a wonderful idea. Easy on the budget, they are often cherished even more by the receiver.

new wedding favorsWedding candy favors

Sweet talk your guests by saying thank you with candy. We have a large selection of wedding candy and edible favors to delight your guests. Just imagine how many people appreciate a little after refreshment. Many consumers who are planners like to include special things like this for their guests. A wedding candy favor is really a nice touch to a memorable event.

There are many different kinds of unique candy favors out there. Some people prefer personalized candy favors, while others turn to favor boxes and other cool and unique ideas. The options are really endless and you can allow your creativity to really kick in. It is an excellent way of saying thanks for coming out.

Whether you choose candies or chocolates, everyone will enjoy these classic treats. Take the time to check these many suggestions that will delight all your guests. Chocolate boxes, lollipops, and bite sized candies. Great for showers, wedding favors, and other occasions. Just make sure you don’t abandon your exercise routine before the big day

Add a sweet touch with chocolate wedding favors

With that big day around the corner you definitely want to plan for the ability to make it a special one. How that usually begins is with a lot of preparation. Most brides to be and grooms just want that day to be special and make sure that things go well. What better way to add the sweetest of touches to your dream wedding than with personalized chocolate wedding favors?

Wedding favors are considered among the most important accessories of marriage celebrations. Couples use unique wedding favors to thank their guests. Many wedding party favors are practical gifts such as silver plated bottle opener or wedding favor bags. Picture frames, candles and candle holders are among some of the most popular wedding favors. Both foil wrapped chocolates and personalized chocolate are also a very popular wedding accessory.

Edible wedding favors and bridal shower favors are a memorable delight! Be sure to check out our many ideas so that you can be ready for that eventful celebration.

Silver wedding favors suggestions

A well-crafted heart hanging ornament wedding favor is a stylish reminder of your affection. A great favor for your winter wedding or heart/love theme wedding. For the couple’s who loves and enjoys wine. Treat your wedding guests to this elegant and chic grape wine stopper. Celebrate the joy of the season with these stylish locket favor ornament. Ideal for your winter wedding.

So if you want suggestions for a silver wedding favor be sure to examine our many options that we have to offer. You will be delighted with the options and so will your guests with the gifts you will give them.

Candle wedding favors

Wedding centerpieces, wedding favors and complete reception packages including the centerpieces and bonbonieres will awe your guests . We know that your wedding day will be the most important day of your life and that you will want to commemorate it in a manner that stands the test of time. Beautiful wedding candles and reception centerpieces will do just that.

Wedding cake candle is available in five different colors and packaged beautifully in a clear box with a matching sheer organza bow and thank you tag. These will look beautiful at each guest’s place setting. These hand crafted and hand painted wedding cake candles are frosted with wax pearls, wax roses and wax bows and will be treasured mementos for your guests. These might be your best option if your guests plan on fitting into their tight clubbing dresses any time soon!

Wedding Invitations AdviceWedding shower parties are a popular concept in the West. Earlier, wedding showers only included the bride and her close family and friends circle but these days both partners are included in the festivities. Close friends of the bride and also the groom normally organize the wedding shower to be held prior to the wedding. The bridesmaids, both young and old also get together to organize the wedding shower. The wedding shower invitations are sent by those organizing the party for them. The bridal invitations can indicate the theme if there is one. It can be straight, poetic, or wacky.

If it is theme based, for instance, a barbeque party, the invitation can indicate the types of gifts that would be preferred by the couple. If one is using the Woodstock theme for the Wedding Shower – the invitation could read as :

You’re invited to invited down to Fraqar’s Farm
To enjoy yourself
At the wedding shower of
John & Lisa
On 15th Oct, 2014

The gifts could be music CD of Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix poster, or anything associated with the movie.

If the couple enjoys reading Shakespeare, the theme for the wedding shower invitation could be a masquerade. The invitation could read -

You’re invited to the Midsummer Dream Party,
On the occasion of the wedding Shower
Of John & Lisa
With all the people of the fairy kingdom
Please be prepared to unmask
At the witching hour.

The gifts could be books or CDs/VCDs of Shakespearean films, or any items belonging to those times like bookends, goblets, clocks, crockery… anything you feel the couple would enjoy.

If your having a professional calligrapher address your invitation envelopes ask your stationer to get the envelopes to you early so you can have your calligrapher begin addressing them; you don’t have to wait until you have the invitations themselves to begin this task.

When getting ready to send out invitations don’t assume that they would need only .39 postage (they are much heavier than an ounce). Bring one completed and sealed invitation to the post office and have it weighed and you’ll know exactly how much postage to apply on each piece.

Create your own discount wedding invitations

  • A wedding invitation is a vital part of announcing your upcoming marriage. Discount wedding invitations can be created to help you establish the theme of your special day.
  • You can create your own discount wedding invitations, or order custom handmade wedding announcements.
  • Wedding announcements can be anything you want them to be. Get great ideas for the styles, colors, paper and more using this guide to discount wedding invitations.

Advice on Invitations

  • Before you order your invitations, you’ll need to finalize your guest list first. Be sure to include parents, clergy, and their guests on your list of invitations to send.
  • Remember that the socially correct way of doing things is to give every person over 16 their own invitation.
  • Once you have determined how many wedding invitations need to be ordered, it is wise to add an additional 25-50 invitations to the list. This allows for spelling mistakes, when addressing the invitations, as well as last minute invites.
  • Order your invitations well in advance of the wedding. It may take several weeks to a month for the invitations to arrive from the printer and then another 3-6 months time to address and send out the invitations and receive the replies.

Handmade Paper

  • Couples who want a unique and elegant look for their wedding invitations, may use handmade paper.
  • Custom made paper comes in many designs and patterns and is made with a higher quality paper.
  • For a different look try mottled papers, with flowers, straw or jute designs.
  • Handmade silk papers are 80% silk, creating a unique textured look and come in a variety of colors like yellow sunshine, mauve, or lavender.
  • Crinkle paper, metallic, embroidery, leatherite, or moon rock style wedding invitations are also popular choices for wedding announcements.


The following manufactures carry custom and creative wedding invitations: Carlson, Hallmark, Jaclique, Forever, Xpressions, Pressman, Lilide Sign, Ross Designs, Freeda, Bismillah Arts, Deniz, Lahore, Abdullah Traders, and Crecentia Creations.


informal wedding dressesSometimes brides don’t know where to begin, to look for the perfect wedding dress. Brides dresses come is so many styles, fits and colors, that a step-by-step plan is essential!

Informal wedding dresses have become a popular choice among brides today. It’s not only brides who are marrying for the second time who prefer to purchase a modest or casual designer dress. Whether you’re planning your first or second wedding, it’s important to be able to find the most beautiful wedding dress to suit your style and taste.

If you’re a bride on a budget, you may be wanting to design your own wedding dress in order to save some money. Some brides prefer the vintage looks and patterns. Even on a budget, you’re sure to find a great selection of informal wedding dresses online.

We have created the following guide to help brides find the wedding dress of their dreams.

Do some research

To find the perfect dress, you must begin with a little research. First, determine what your budget will be. Decide on the size, type and location of your reception first and then you will know how much money you have to spend on your dress.

Browse through bridal magazines, or review online wedding sites like this one, to find a style of wedding dress that appeals to you. Look to your close friends and family for input.

Bridal shows are also a wonderful source of inspiration and great wedding ideas. You may even find the exact dress design that you’re looking for, along with information on the designer and the cost of the dress, or how to make it yourself.

Finally, collect pictures of dresses that that contain elements of what you’re looking for. Visual images can aid the seamstress who is sewing your dress for you.


It’s a little known fact that most wedding dresses are not sold right off the rack, but need to be ordered from the manufacturer. Since this may take some time, be sure to begin your dress search as soon as you know what your budget will be.

It may take up to 3 to 6 months for a special order or designer dress to arrive.

Remember to also allow time for fittings, alterations, and coordination. Custom made dresses, those where you’ll be selecting style, fabric and other small details, can take up to 6 months to complete. Remember to bear in mind any shapewear undergarments you plan on wearing as these may alter your measurements.


Here are some tips you should know before going out to shop for your wedding dress.

In order to avoid exhaustion, and possible frustration, visit just a couple of shops per day. Stay fresh and try to use sound judgement when selecting brides dresses.

Bring along photos of gowns that you like, so that you can show the bridal consultant what your desired style is. Always remember to wear proper undergarments before you go out to try on brides dresses and it’s a good idea to bring along a pair of dress shoes as well. Check out for more inexpensive wedding dresses available online.

A bridal consultant will study your figure type and personality before she helps you to select a flattering dress, and hopefully one that will fit your budget.

Remember, it’s always helpful to bring along a friend or family member for a second opinion.

Purchasing your gown

Most dresses are purchased at full service salons, internet discounters, warehouses or small private shops.

Make sure that you give the dress consultant the correct information regarding the fit, style and color of dress that you desire. Before you buy, always review the sales contract in order to protect yourself in case you are unhappy with your dress. Make sure they keep you updated on the progress of your order.